Animal Doctor of Weston

202 Weston Road
Weston, CT 06883


Bellina Sole, 13 years 4 months

4/15/2004 - 8/18/2017

Tobias Gattoforte, 18 years 6 months


Animal Doctor of Weston reported the passing of
Tobias over the New Year’s Holiday.

Tobias arose from humble beginnings.
Adopted from the Humane Society, he quickly
revealed his talents from an early age.

He was a fierce mouser, winning the Weston Golden
Predator Award 5 times.

He was promoted to Security Director of Animal Doctor
of Weston and held that post for a decade.

In his later years, he supervised the reception staff
and greeted both canine and feline patients.

His calm affect soothed many a nervous patient. He was
first to offer a gentle head butt to a bereaved client.

Despite his illness, he captured a final mouse
in the parking lot on Dec 11, 2015.

He hunts a different field now, goodbye old friend.