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Holiday Hazards

When traveling with (or without!) your friend, please make sure your microchip registration is up to date with the best contact information - many pets are lost on vacation or with a pet sitter.

We want you AND your furry companion to have a fun, stress-free holiday season. Although we sometimes indulge ourselves with yummy treats - make sure to keep your pets on their normal routine and diets to avoid potential dangers and poisonings! Here is a list of harmful decorations, unhealthy treats and toxic plants your pet may encounter during the holidays:

cat eating ornament

Christmas Trees - always remember to properly secure your Christmas tree to keep it from tipping or falling over! More than ornaments can become damaged if this occurs! Make sure your furry friends don't drink the tree water as it may contain harmful fertilizers or bacteria which can cause stomach upset.

Holly - when ingested may cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Mistletoe - when ingested may cause gastrointestinal upset or cardiovascular problems.

Lilies and Poinsettias - cause kidney failure in felines when ingested.

Dog Lights

Avoid tinsel! Kitties love to play with sparkly objects. It may be tempting to dangle this in front of your furry friend to get him/her to chase it like a mouse, but beware! If eaten, tinsel can get tangled in the digestive tract and cause vomiting, diarrhea and possibly obstructions and expensive surgeries!

Candles - They brighten up the holidays but exercise caution - pets may be drawn to the light and accidentally burn themselves, or catch long furry coats on fire! Always remember to keep candles out of reach and if you leave the room, blow them out!

With lights, come wires. Rabbits, cats and puppies have been known to chew on wires. These can deliver harmful burns and potentially a fatal shock to the animal. 

Dog eating ornaments

Ornaments - big or small can be a danger. Glass ornaments may break and cause lacerations to paws and mouths, and small ornaments may be ingested leading to blockages of the intestines. 




Never leave food chocolate, or candies unattended - Not only are they irresistible to you, they are also irresistible to your pet!

Avoid fatty, spicy and sweet treats, please do not give bones!

Stick with indestructible stocking stuffers like Kong toys or Bully stix for dogs. Kitties like to chase string toys but those can be the most dangerous! Avoid yarn or toys with little jingle bells that can come off easily. Instead, buy a laser pointer!

New Years is just around the corner! Keep your friend safe by not purchasing string confetti as it is unsafe for consumption! Noisy fireworks can easily scare pets and damage sensitive ears. As midnight approaches, make sure your pet is in a safe, and inescapable area; once fireworks go off, many animals may want to flee and could get away from you! We don't want your pet to get lost.

And last but not least, large family gatherings can become overwhelming for both human and animals alike! Make sure to give your pet an escape if they are anxious with crowds or little children. Most pets enjoy a quiet space like a guest room or crate to snuggle up in.